• Proceeding Sabajaya Publisher
    Vol. 1 No. 1 (2023)

    Proceeding Sabajaya Publisher, with ISSN xxxx-xxxx (Online) and ISSN xxxx-xxxx (Offline) is an international proceeding and double-blind peer-reviewed biannually proceeding published by SABAJAYA PUBLISHER .

    Proceeding Sabajaya Publisher is an open access international seminar proceedings in social and scientific fields and published by CV. Saba Jaya Publisher .

    Proceeding Sabajaya Publishe provides a means for ongoing discussion of relevant issues that fall within the focus and scope of the journal that can be examined empirically.

    This proceeding publishes research articles that cover all multidisciplinary aspects. Published articles are articles that result from critical and comprehensive research, studies or scientific studies on important and current issues, or reviews of scientific books.

    The detailed focus and scope are as follows:
    1. Humanities and social sciences
    2. Contemporary political science
    3. Education science
    4. Religion and philosophy
    5. engineering science
    6. Business and economy
    7. cooperative
    8. technology
    9. HR Development
    10. Design and media arts.

    Proceeding Sabajaya Publisher, is already a registered member of Crossreff and already has a unique DOI number. This journal is published by the SABA JAYA PUBLISHER, which is published twice a year in month January and Agustus.